Monday, 9 May 2011

Your lack of shaving... is very disturbing.

I am disappoint, i actually have a neckbeard... and man, it's freaking itchy! Do i walk through the pain and shave this crap off? Or do i stay in my seat, cradling my knee like a baby and wear my neckbeard with unfounded pride?

Most of the issues i'm having is because i live upstairs in my flat, with everything i need to get up for being downstairs. Now, i'm sure you can imagine what it is like getting up and down stairs with a completely swollen knee joint... you just don't realize how much you rely on your knees until you can't actually use them.

I've been told that the recovery period for hyper-extension of the knee is anywhere between 2-4 weeks... assuming there is no ligament damage, something that i can't get checked out because i'm too stiff...and poor xD. Oh well, its been several years since i received a major injury from my football, at least it isn't a break like last time...

Anyway, i've actually found a small and temporary cure to my boredom, to actually study for the classes i've been missing. So i've actually come to the conclusion that one should not be bored when one has stuff he should really be doing....


  1. Awesome post man! keep up the good work!

  2. hmmm if ur bored you could always blog :D
    How to Hack Life.

  3. Nice blog you got there Andre ;-)