Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bored Cripple in the PNorth

Well here i am, leg up on my computer desk leaning right back so my knee is higher than my heart (supposedly it helps), icing it every other hour and only moving for food and the bathroom. Some might think that its awesome to have an excuse like this to be lazy, but it really isn't, believe me.

You may sit there and think, "well i would sit at my computer all day and night if i didn't have to go to work/school/sports", hell i use to think this too, but now that i'm essentially trapped here it really isn't that great at all. Sure, it was great for the first day, filling up my time with HoN, Company of Heroes, Dwarf Fortress,
Starcraft II, and all my usual internet bookmarked content.

But after awhile the retardation of the HoN community starts getting to ya, Company of Heroes becomes the same fight everytime, your eyes start to hurt from 6 straight hours of Dwarf Fortress, "you must construct additional pylons" begins to make you cringe and you start to run out of Husky/TotalBiscuit/Day9/Escapist content to watch.

So here is the question, what do you do with you time when you start to feel the ever encroaching feeling of boredom? You think to yourself, "Why couldn't Brink be released last week?! :-(" j/k.
That's right, you create a blog so you can start telling people who care to read your stuff about 'your story' and about how bored you are. Anyway here is the story, i'm a uni student at Massey in Palmerston North, NZ. When ever i'm not at class/studying i'm killing my time with a good variety of games or just surfing the internet. I also love my football(soccer), which unfortunately is the cause of my injury.

Other than that, there isn't much else to me, i have my own philosophy and views on life that i generally keep to myself (may just share them in later posts). I'm not religious but i don't argue with my VERY christian mates. I can talk to and get along very easily with the ladies (single at the moment tho). I suppose i'm just your average guy haha.


  1. nice first post!
    ill looking forward to read more from you! follow! :)

  2. ncf!
    Good luck for your blog ;-)

  3. good first post! :D

    good luck on your block!

  4. Good luck with the blog man.

  5. Nice write up :-)

  6. Awesome first post. Good luck to you in the future!

  7. Hope you make a quick recovery. I like to blitz TV shows when I have a lot of free time. May I suggest Breaking bad if you're into drama's or It's always sunny in Philadelphia if comedies are more your thing.

  8. You are experiencing what it's like to be a true neckbeard, and wanting no part of it. I don't blame you. I like having a life.

  9. Great to see another blog by a Kiwi!

  10. Well hey, nothing to do but sort out your stuff and clean your desktop, right? Music... there's always time to look up new music.