Sunday, 15 May 2011

Past the Brink, clear sailing now

Hey guys, sorry its taken a bit for me to write up another post. Brink came out a day early... by design from what i've heard, just Steam lying to us haha (I'm not complaining). The Brinkathon started early and it went for a bit longer than expected, plus while i was there i was getting a Blogger error and couldn't write up a post while i was at my mates flat.

So... Brink. Get through the bugs and the problematic "Server not responding" steam error, and it's just pure fun. I will state this now, Brink isn't CoD, you don't put your cross-hair on your enemy then they die. More often that not if you jump out in front of someone and you get into a spam melee, the victor is decided by a few things. Weapon choice, body type and quake-like reflexes... but mostly luck. The weapons, particularly the SMG's (i mostly played light body type, loved the movement) have a habit of emptying 30 bullets in 2-3 seconds, which means its luck as to whether the bullets are landing on the enemy or just zipping past them. The recoil is controlled by the mentioned quake-like reflexs, lacking those and the enemy won't be dead by the time you need to reload.

So how do you win?

Tactics, stratergy and teamwork is what is needed to win. On every level there is at least one choke, killzone or easily defended area that the attacking team must break through/down. Countless times i have seen the attacking team throw everything that they have at a single entrance to a room they have an objective in, when if they took a step back to think "wait, this isnt working, lets find another way" at least 3 more entrances, backdoors or flanking positions that can be used to gain an advantage on the defending team would be found.

Quite often i've flanked a defending team holding a choke and ive unloaded into the 5-7 defenders standing in the same place, dropping them all before they even realize where the gunfire came from, allowing my team to push forward and complete/escort their objective.

I'd have to recommend this game to everyone wanting an FPS online experience where teamwork is required to become to victor. Unless quick patches are released to deal with the many bugs, i don't think i can recommend this game to the casual FPS gamer or anybody just looking for the next 'new' FPS game. But anyway, i must return to my assignments that are holding me back from playing Brink 24/7.

Also, just "preordered" Witcher 2 which is due out tomorrow. My next post will probably be a personal review like this one.


  1. I've avoided Multiplayer FPS's for years. This post reminds me, I should log into my steam account a little more often '-)

  2. looking forward to playing the witcher. We should tee up soem games