Tuesday, 10 May 2011

On the Brink of Insanity

46 hours. Only 46 hours do i have to wait till Brink is unlocked on Steam. Then, assuming i can get some help moving my stuff, my mates and I are going to be having a bit of a Brink marathon at one of their flats. An event normally associated with the release of an MMO, such as it did with Warhammer and Rift, but this is the first non-MMO to receive the honor of a release day marathon.

Granted, being as injured as I am, it won't have the... mobility that it normally has. This marathon will include dinner at the most delicious Asian food cafe i have tasted (if your ever in palmy, Bean Cafe is where you want to eat!) with breakfast at KFC/McD's. Between meals we will have all the snack foods you can think of... sounds so deliciously unhealthy...

So Brink, mixed responses so far by the 'major' reviewers. It seems the main complaints are the AI of the bots, inspiring teamwork is like herding cats and the repetitive of the levels and missions. First off, i will be playing Brink online only and i will mostly with my mates so the first two issues are mostly mute... but this repetitiveness claim. Hmm, this is coming from the same reviewers that call Halo, CoD and Battlefield, all of which have their own elements of repetitiveness, games sent from heaven itself. Now i'm not going to 'attack' these reviewers, they are entitled to their opinions, but the slight smell of hypocrisy is enough for these reviews to not kill my buzz on the Brink release.

Come Friday, in New Zealand(i love American midnight steam releases), the world will be able to play and make up it's own minds on Brink. I've always loved you Bethesda, don't let me down.


  1. I actually am planning to do the same thing with a few friends