Monday, 23 May 2011

Its About Time

Hey guys, its been way too long since i have posted. Basically spent 3 days straight playing and clocking LA Noire, then bought and thrashed Witcher 2 for another 2 days. Also had my birthday on Wednesday which meant a flat party on the 14th and a soccer team party on the 21st, both of which contained ALOT of drinking xD. Unfortunately this left me way behind on my Uni work/assignments and I've been working hard trying to catch up!

I should be back to posting every other day in a few days once I've cleared up all my assignments and class work. Future plans are a few basic reviews for Witcher 2, LA Noire and Terraria (few friends just bought it so I'm going to join them between study sessions). I will also talk about one of my other passions, music. My tastes are a little all over the place, but hopefully i can keep it short.

On that subject i will leave you with one of my current favorites.

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