Monday, 20 June 2011

Guild Wars, its about Guilds... and their Wars

If you need more convincing to pick-up a copy of Guild Wars and its expansions, i shall continue my little review. Before Guild Wars was released, ArenaNet was a very small company with large ambitions, it had limited funds but unlimited creativity and just wasn't known at all in the MMO community. With the acquisition of ArenaNet by NCsoft and the release of Guild Wars this all changed, ArenaNet became a well known and respected game developer, with all it's efforts focused solely on the expansion, improvement and refinement of Guild Wars and its expansions.

To this day, content is being added very regularly plus the improvement and sometimes reworking of current content. This, plus one of the best development teams that is known to interact quite often with the community, should be more than enough to sell you on dev support in Guild Wars. (Recently there was a mass banning of botters across all servers, how this was done can be seen in this link)

Orginally there were 6 professions, with 2 professions added in each of the first 2 expansions. These classes are Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Elementalist, Necromancer and Mesmer. With Ritualist and Assassin added in Factions and the Dervish and Paragon added in Nightfall. One profession must be selected on the creation of the character which defines how your character looks and the basic hp/energy limits. But once in game, you can add a secondary profession from ANY of the other professions, this means there is potentially 90 different combinations each with different strengths and weaknesses. The only limit to the secondary profession is that you are unable to increase the 'primary stat' of that profession, which can dominate how strong certain spells of the profession can be. The share amount of information on the classes is too large to put into this post so feel free to visit the Guild Wars Wiki with this link.

One of the other huge aspects of Guild Wars is in its name, Guilds are much like they are in most other MMO except with more content. Whilst to many, Guilds are just a prefix before your name, an extra chatroom with regular acquaintances and a better chance of getting a group together for missions, they include a major PVP aspect for those who swing that way. As it is the name of the game, Guild 'Wars' between guilds are the highest caliber of PVP combat in this game and can be watched anytime your character is in a town using B on your keyboard. In these games you can visibly see what i was trying to get at in the last post with twitch gaming, the top teams are just crazy to watch, with perfect skill usage and energy management, those who have tried a little PVP can truly respect these guys and how good they are at this game.

I hope you have enjoyed my overview/review of Guild Wars, and are now hopefully considering buying the game or reinstalling it. I will say that what i have said is entirely my opinion and some will disagree with me, it is impossible for this game to be loved by everyone as much as i love it. Till next time, good gaming.


  1. Had a friend who was way into the first Guild Wars, wish I could get in to it but trying to balance multiple MMO's seems like a bad idea haha

  2. Tried once GW, not liked, but your blog is good, following

  3. Never liked the first GW but I might try GW2 sometime.