Sunday, 19 June 2011

Finally Done, and now... Guild Wars!

It was slightly belated but i have finally finished my exams, huzzah. I was meant to finish the 16th but I had one of my exams postponed with the reason given as "Spontaneous building damage to exam location"... Zuh?! Oh well, it gave me 4 extra days to study which made me VERY happy... whether it helped or not... guess i have to wait for my results haha.

Well i have promised a lot of game reviews but have no idea where to start... so i guess I'll start at the game that I'll be loading up as soon as I've finished writing this up, Guild Wars. For those who don't know, Guild Wars is a MMORPG with 3 expansions, Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North. The key feature that sets Guild Wars apart from all other MMO's is that it is Buy-to-Play which means once you have bought the game, there are no extra subscription costs. You can take a break and play a few months later with no cost, something i have done several times in the past few years.

Being a 6 years old MMO the graphics aren't the best and are incredibly glitchy. From the blinding white shiverpeak mountains to the sitting in waist high boulders (rock car races!) there are many aspects of Guild Wars' graphics that may turn you off it but I can assure you that this is by far the worst aspect of Guild Wars, apart from maybe the cut-scenes but that is because they are created using the in-game graphics, glitches and all.

If you can look through the horrible graphics you are met by one of the best MMOs ever made, in my opinion of course, that invites you in to lose hours upon hours completing the massive story line missions and everything else in between that may no be found unless you go exploring! The extreme volume of content in Guild Wars can keep you occupied for months, possibly even years, like myself who has clocked in over 700 hours in the past 5 years. Thats crazy, thats almost a solid month of nothing but Guild Wars.

So that keeps those of you that enjoy PVE happy, but what about the various PVPers? Well, how about a system where the victors of a battle are decided solely by the skill of the players and has nothing to do with how many hours you've spent in dungeons getting the best gear. In fact, it is completely possible to create an already maxed character and do nothing but PVP without the limit of time spent on the PVE aspects. The battles themselves are borderline twitch gaming, where the survival of a comrade maybe decided by how quickly you can get a protective enchantment on them, or the interruption of a 1/2 second spell, which i can assure you is VERY possible in Guild Wars.

Do i have you intrigued? I will continue my review of Guild Wars tomorrow, but in the mean time you could check Rubi's blog at She lives and breathes Guild Wars, and is therefore FAR more qualified on defining the Guild Wars experience.

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