Friday, 24 June 2011

Rush Rage!

You know what, if you want to play Starcraft II your already playing it so i figured rather than a review on the Blizzard epic i'd just write up some of my ladder experiences. As the title states, i am a Protoss player... a Protoss player that doesn't know the 4-gate build order mind you. I have actually just gotten into Starcraft II but i had spent months watching Husky/HD/Day9/Totalbiscuit Starcraft II content before i got into it. While i lack the experience, the knowledge of the game from those videos has gotten me into Gold league where i get the impressions i don't belong... as i am horrible against the countless rush builds.

Having just come from being 4 gated by another toss, I'm actually feeling a little disdain for those who use these rush tactics. Yes, it is a viable build and yes, it does give the user an easy win/quick loss, i still feel that the users of these tactics lack the skills required if the game were to get into a long macro game. Sure, don't fix what isn't broke, but i feel people should at least practice these long game strategies, who knows, the skills gained may allow you to claw your way back into a game where you initial rush strategy didn't work.

I have actually become quite good at scouting and preparing for the usual Marauder rush i seem to be on the end of each and every game against Terran. Unfortunatly, those Zealot/Zergling rushes are still flaws in my game that i am continually forced to practice against, thus making me unable to practice that which i feel is defiantly lacking, my macro and APM (Actions Per Minute). When i play HoN my APM is around the 180's but I'm struggling to get it past 60 in my Starcraft games, any tips would be appreciated ;-).

So yeah, i guess all i have to say is i get extremely agitated with what seems like a never ending stream of players using nothing other than rush strategies, and i feel these players need to practice other parts of their game rather than trying to nail down what is considered a 'cheese' tactic. And hey, who doesn't love it when HUGE armies crash into each other. Good gaming!


  1. Haha, good article broski. I haven't played SC2 but I can tell you Zerg Rushing brought me nothing but grief back in the day

  2. versus zealot/zergling rush you should just build ramp and get some photon cannons, that should help.